torsdag 5 juni 2014

Kaga maki-e, the beautiful tradition from Japan

When I got my first brush from Chikuhodo with Kaga Maki-e painted on it I was in heaven. Its such a beautiful tradition and as usually the handcraft from both Chikuhodo and the artist who does the Kaga Maki-e painting is of the highest quality. If you dont own a makeup brush with Kaga Maki-e on it you should get it! The only bad thing is that the brush is so beautiful that you dont want to use it ;D

So what is Kaga Maki-e?
When I first saw the painting I didnt know it was Kaga Maki-e. I just thought: What beautiful and nice painting! WOW was I wrong! I feel terrible today that I even thought that it was only some kind of painting. Of course I should know better. I have sold the most beautiful brushes from Chikuhodo for many years now and I know their handcraft. They are the top of the line and it cant get any better. Of course they dont just put some painting on their brushes. When I started to read about Kaga Maki-e it just struck me, of course its done this way! All handcraft from Japan is done with a thought and deep feeling and respect.

I share here with you some movies I found about Kaga Maki-e on this page Traditional Craft of Kanazawa . Take your time and read about Kaga Maki-e and watch the movies.
I hope you get the same "I feel like Im in heaven"-feeling like I had :)

Kaga Maki-e movie 1

Kaga Maki-e movie 2

Kaga Maki-e Eternal Elegance

lördag 31 maj 2014

I love Kohlindo. For you that doesnt know Kohlindo I will give you some short info. Kohlindo is a company that sold handmade makeupbrushes from Chikuhodo in Japan. Me, Yumie ( my dear friend in Japan ) and Peter has sold brushes for six...or seven years now. The webshop is today closed. My heart is crying.... I miss Kohlindo so much. BUT today I decided that I cant just leave Kohlindo behind and think: - well I had a great time! No, I miss all the lovely, kind and beautiful customers we had soooo I decided to open this blog. This will be a meeting place, a rendez vous for all of you great women and men I met. Great makeup artists, makeup and brush lovers. Yes especially all crazy! lovely! and fun! brush lovers....yes we are many :)